MAJOR Eric Akridge

Eric Akridge is a retired investigator from the MTPD tri-state police department based in Washington DC . During sixteen years of service he held various post including, patrol, CID , and the Metro Enforcement Division where duties were diverse including narcotics, vice, internal theft, and dignitary protection. His last assignment after 911 was anti- terrorism and training including defensive tactics.Eric was recognized my the Washington Area Transit Authority for training both civilian and Law Enforcement personnel in terrorism awareness.


Specific Experience & Training (Florida Security Licenses)

  • K – firearms instructor license
  • G- Statewide firearms license
  • C- Private investigator license
  • DI- Security Instructor Licence
  • D- Security Guard Licence

Eric holds several other certifications and has been certified by NVCJS , as well as certified Executive Protection Specialist with overseas experience.