Sloan’s Security Service LLC

Sloan’s Security Service’s Slogan:

“We Keep Watch, So You Don’t Have To”

Yes! Sloan’s Security Service promises high quality service with a management staff that ensures its client’s outstanding service. We have a history that is proven to be competitive, which our clients find hard to beat.

About Sloan’s Security Service

Sloan’s Security Service is a security company that is family owned and operated by individuals who work as a team. It is through effective teamwork that the company operations are exceedingly outstanding. We, at Sloan’s Security Service, place our personal reputation on the line each and every day. We are the only security service company in the Gainesville, FL. area, that is bold enough to put its family name on the sleeve of its uniform. If we do not provide quality service, then our family reputation will be at stake.

Whats sets us apart from others?

The Staff at Sloan’s Security Service strives to provide an exceptional service to our clients.Today, there are literally hundreds of security companies to choose from in the Florida market. All are promising high quality service, and competitive prices. You will find that Sloan’s Security Service has a reputation that sets the security standards for others to follow.

Meet our Officers:

Our officers are composed of staff members who can and will get the job done.

We provide:

  • Officers with 20+ years of security service.
  • Law enforcement professionals
  • Retired military
  • Highly trained security officers

The diversity of the staff are what gives us the advantage over other companies and help Sloan’s Security Service to provide our customers with a unique defense against crime and creates respectful relationships within the law enforcement community that is invaluable in the time of need.

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Phone: (352) 663-7399

What’s The Cost

Sloan’s Security Service always offers exceptional service with competitive prices, which ensures our service, is always ” A STEP ABOVE THE REST .” You will always feel confident that our prices are fair and competitive.

How do we calculate our fees ?

We calculate our fees based on the type of services required to meet whatever security needs you may have. We strive to build personalized security plans based on the need for YOUR Company and YOUR Company’s security goals.

Fee Calculations will be based on:

  • Wages
  • Benefits
  • Training
  • Equipment
  • Tools necessary for YOUR protective goals

Sloan’s Security Service strives to offer our clients the best price available for the quality of service required to meet YOUR security objectives.

Sloan’s Security Service is equipped with the best Management Team and can be attested to by our many fine references. Our Management team alone has been described as Professional, Experienced, Innovative and Responsive. Our Management team will be the ones who will evaluate your security needs and make recommendations based on demographics, past and present problems and the security concerns related to the nature of your operation.

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